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Are you looking for a challenge? Do you want to broaden your skills and knowledge? Are you up for the most exciting year of your student life? 


Interest activities

Find out whether Green Team Twente is your match while visiting our office, workplace, and the hydrogen race car up close! 

  • Interest drink; January 19th

  • Interest drink; April 2th                      

  • Interest lunch; April 17th                      

  • Interest drink; April 24th                       

  • Technical interest lunch; April 25th


All these activities are at the Future Factory 
(Capitool 25, 7521 PL Enschede). 



If you have any questions regarding the application process, you can mail us at Via the button below, you can sign up for one or more of the interest drinks. This is not required, you are welcome to come by spontaneousely! 

16:00 - 18:00

16:00 - 18:00

12:30 - 13:45

16:00 - 18:00

12:30 - 13:45


Please send your motivation letter and CV (in English) to For the application, you need to send your CV and write a motivation letter. 

In this letter, we ask you to mention the following: 

  • Which position(s) you are interested in 

  • Why you are suitable for this position 

  • What is your motivation to be part of the team 

  • What you would like to learn in your year 



The Management team plays a pivotal role in overseeing all team-related aspects. Your main objective is to ensure the smooth operation of the team, maintain an overview of all activities, and achieve set goals. This entails considering both the technical and social aspects of the team and fostering a positive team atmosphere. 

As Team Manager you will be responsible for the overall project. Working closely with the Technical Manager, Communications Manager and Finance & External Relations Manager, you will ensure that the overall goals of the team are set and achieved. To keep track of the process, you will need a clear overview of what is happening within the team. You will be the point of contact for team members who have difficulties and you will be responsible for their resolution. You will be the first point of contact for external organisations and other stakeholders of Green Team Twente. At presentations and when talking to the press, you will represent the team. In addition, you will help out wherever you are needed and you will be the general supporter of the whole team!


1 Fulltimer


As a member of the Communication team at Green Team Twente, your role will involve promoting the team’s vision effectively by finding innovative ways to inform the public. Close collaboration and knowing what happens within the team is extremely important. 

Your responsibility is to organize and manage events like design presentation and car presentation of Green Team Twente. You’ll handle everything from program development to decorations and invitations. Your goal is to make each event a success and surprise partners and stakeholders every year. You have the freedom to organize other events within the budget and marketing strategy. Your role is crucial for making events happen seamlessly and leaving a lasting impact. 


1 Full- or part-timer


The Technical team is responsible for the hands-on aspects of Green Team Twente. Your role involves building the car from start to finish; from the initial design phase to the final assembly. Throughout the year, you’ll work with partners, explore innovative solutions, learn how to build a hydrogen car, and much more. 


The HydroElectric subteam is responsible for all the power, safety, and communication systems of the car. The sub-team is divided into hydrogen systems, embedded systems, cooling, and powertrain. The chief engineer’s task is to maintain the overall car performance, car concept, logistic planning, and the integration of components. 


1 Fulltimer


The Mechanics sub-team is responsible for all mechanical and aerodynamic components of the car. The main focus is on the handling of the car and the body. The sub-team can be subdivided into structural, vehicle dynamics and aerodynamics. The chief engineer’s task is to maintain the overall car performance, car concept, logistic planning, and the integration of components. 


1 Fulltimer

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